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Washington DC - General Meade statue side view IMG_2208.JPG
This photo and the next 4 photos are of the General George Meade Memorial statue in Washington, D.C.<br />
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The figure in front is of General George Meade a figure of War on the proper back.  He is surrounded by six figures standing side by side. The six figures, all allegorical representations of Loyalty, Chivalry, Fame, Progress, Military Courage and Energy, were used by Grafly to show what he believed are traits needed to make a "great general.<br />
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To Meade's proper right is a male figure of Loyalty, and to his proper left is a female figure of Chivalry, who are shown removing Meade's cloak, which symbolizes the "cloak of battle." Above Meade's head Loyalty holds a wreath and garlands representing the generals deeds. Behind Loyalty stands a female figure of Fame who is supported by a male figure of Energy. Behind the figure of Chivalry is a male figure of Progress and behind him a male figure of Military Courage, who locks arms with War. Winged War is flanked by two memorial tablets. At the top of the monument is a gold finial with the state seal of Pennsylvania.<br />
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SOS! describes the statue as showing Meade "represented as the embodiment of all six allegorical qualities as he emerges from his cloak of battle and progresses into his future.